To our readers:

Thank you for reading The Telegraph. We want to tell you about some changes we’ve made.

We’ve redesigned the newspaper and our digital sites to reflect how readers today want their news. Some like to linger over their morning paper; others prefer their news on the go, checking their phones, desktops and tablets throughout the day.

Our redesign aims to better serve you no matter how you want your news delivered. Updates to our digital sites should make it easier to find the content you want to see or read. We plan to present bigger photos, more video, better headlines and quick-read story highlights for busy readers. White space and a new font should make stories easier to read.

A new In-Depth section will be home to top breaking national and international news as well as analyses and enterprise reports from our Washington Bureau staff and our partner news organizations.

The newspaper has been redesigned to better highlight our best enterprise and watchdog journalism while preserving other popular content. Sectioning has changed during the week – local, business and national news will be in the A section - but the amount of local content we provide has not.

On Page One you will find the best two or three stories displayed so that you can scan them if you have limited time, or read more deeply. Page One will also provide more summaries of other content you’ll find throughout the paper.

A new page called Insight will feature deeper reads on important national and local issues as well as a variety of perspectives on the news and the news business. Insight will appear each Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We hope you enjoy the changes. We invite you to submit feedback here.

And, again, thank you for reading The Telegraph.


Don Bailey, Publisher

Sherrie Marshall, Editor